Honest Review on bitvavo ervaringen (bitvavo experiences)

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Buying a Crypto coin or Cryptocurrency is not always complicated and takes time. Yes, I know it WAS hard and complicated to buy a single Crypto coin before, but it was changed since Bitvavo was created. 2017 is the historical year when Bitvavo is created and ready to shake the whole Crypto trading universe. The development of Bitvavo proves it that growing faster than anybody has expected before, especially people in Europe. One of the keys to success from Bitvavo is that this platform provides features that are able to be used by experienced users and novice users. This feature has become a massive magnet that attracts people to be a part of Bitvavo. Not only that, but this Crypto platform also provides the most affordable Crypto coin than the other platforms else. The management fee is considered the lowest among the other platforms that only cost you 0,25% per transaction. 

In Bitvavo, you are not only bounded by the activity of selling and buying in popular Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but you can also trade and withdraws more than 58+ Cryptocurrencies starting from the bigger fishes like Bitcoin and Ethereum until the smaller one like VeChain and Chainlink.

The first impression of Bitvavo

My first impression of Bitvavo is awesome. Unlike the other Crypto platforms out there, Bitvavo provides a professional design and pretty minimalist. This factor makes me easier to move around and explore any content and information given in there. The menus and the information are provided with elegant and proportional. It means that you will not find any unnecessary descriptions or annoying ads spread over the web page. The navigation in Bitvavo is also friendly for the common people like me to use and exploring around that website.

The tag line “Trade the Future” at Bitvavo’s title tag and the front page is hooking me up like there is a hope that I can pursue with this platform. Later, when I read further, the mission of Bitvavo is to create a platform that can help all people be able to make a trade-in Crypto exchange. Then I realize that this is the fundamental reason this platform provides a simple website that can be used for the common people like me. The menus and the trading board per se are quite simple and easy to understand. That is why I can easily understand what kind of products are available, how much their price, and how to buy one of those products.

When I was exploring further, the design is actually not only provided to the newcomers like me but also for the experienced people in Crypto trading. That is why there is an additional option to switch the design based on the user’s preferences. 

Bitvavo is a company headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherland. It has a good track record since it was established in 2017. That is why they have more than 100.000 clients from all over Europe. If you want to get in touch with them, you can call the customer service from 09.00 A.M to 05.00 P.M from Sunday to Friday, and 10.00 A.M to 06.00 P.M on Saturday. The customer service will answer all of your questions regarding Bitvavo, and you need to know that their fluency in speaking in English and Deutsch is excellent.

Key features of Bitvavo

Outstanding Interface: You can forget about the learning curve when you are using Bitvavo. Why can it be so? Because the features and descriptions provided in the platform are able to make you understand the Crypto things even if you don’t have any experience yet with Cryptocurrency.

Affordable Prices: The Crypto products in Bitvavo are renowned as the cheapest in entire Europe.

Bitvavo-wallet: Bitvavo has a wallet system where you can store all your Crypto coins in there safely. 

Valid Verification: The verification is taking 90 seconds. You only have to send the photo of your ID, and voila, you have an account now.

  • Bitvavo is the platform that provides the lowest price Crypto product in Europe. The service fee in every transaction only costs you 0.25% of the product’s price.
  • Bitvavo is officially registered in DNB (Dutch Central Bank)
  • You can get interests in your Cryptocurrency up to 10,5% on an annual basis
  • Wallets are insured for up to $ 255 million.
  • The Bitvavo-wallets is insured as well up to $ 225.000.000
  • You can get a bonus discount if you reach a particular number of trades and purchases
  • Friendly for the novice trader
  • Various types of Cryptocurrencies up to 50+ items
  • Best security system
  • All of the assets are stored partially in several funds in Stichting Bitvavo Payments and reduce the risk of bankruptcy 
  • The bigger your expense, the lesser the transactional fee.
  • Powered with API for the automatic trading 

Buy crypto with Bitvavo

If you manage to buy some Cryptos, all you have to do is deposit your money on Bitvavo. The menu to deposit your assets is located on the dashboard of your profile page.

Ensure that the bank you use is the same as the bank you include when registering your account in Bitvavo. After that, you can choose to deposit your money via iDeal, Bancontract, Bank transfer, Mybank, EPS, or SOFORT. 

After entering the amount, you can deposit euros into your account with the desired payment method. After completing the payment, you have not yet bought a cryptocurrency. You just added credits to your account that you can exchange for crypto.

The next step after choosing the payment method, you can input the nominal that you want to deposit for your account. 

If the process is done, you can buy some Cryptos on the marketplace 55+ products are always provided 24/7. All you have to do is just looking for the desired Crypto product and tap its icon on the dashboard, and you will find the list of the product with its price. Buying the Cryptocurrency in Bitvavo is the best experience that I ever had. The simplicity that become its first focus is success to led the common people like me to be able to buy and take a part in Crypto industry.


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